Time: 9:30-10:00am- 12:30 Departure: In front of the Castle of Good Hope corner of Buitenkant and Strand Street Cape Town.

Healing of Memory Foundation Tour:

Healing of Memory Foundation Tour:
  • 09:00 AM

    1. The Kraal of the KhoeSan next to the Castle of Good Hope

    15min at each site except the Slave Lodge which is an hour Cape Peninsula (//Hui !Gaeb) by the KhoeSan local indigenous people of this area. The Kraal was the first buildings (matjies huise) at the Cape thousands of years before the Dutch, British, the French Huguenots and other Europeans arrived here. The community of the, Camissa (//Gam I Ssa) people resided here and lived along the riverbanks. .

  • 09:00AM -10:00 AM

    2. Wall of Memory Church Street

    The first largest consignment of slaves (174) brought to Cape Town (1658) were mostly Angolan children, some of them still babes in arms. Between 1891- 1941 7000 children are orphaned at the Cape, most of them of colour. Sadly today we have hundreds of homeless/landless people living on the streets in Cape Town.

  • 09:00AM -10:00 AM

    3. Auction Block Spin Street

    Thousands of Slaves were sold into bondage at this spot which is located on a little island in Spin Street where a slave tree should. This site is probably the most inconspicuous to the many people who tread over it without knowing its real history.

  • 10:00AM -11:00 AM

    4. Groote Kerk/ Mother Dutch Reformed Church

    This church was extremely influential in orchestrating the first legislative framework with regards the establishment of an Apartheid government. Which later took the form of Roman Dutch law. This law is still being practiced in especially our courts. Currently the church is split between white and black members.

  • 10:00AM -11:00 AM

    5. Jan Smuts 1840-1960

    They call him a statesmen, I call him a tyrant. He made his money from benefiting from slavery. He became a politician and an architect of apartheid.

  • 10:00AM -11:00 AM

    6. Dutch East Indian Company Hospital Adderley Street Cape Town

    The local hospital which was managed by slaves themselves. It was their first experience of their new life at the Cape and for a few the last the months journey just too much. Not all survived their stay in the hospital.

  • 11:00AM -12:00 AM

    7. Slave Lodge Museum corner of Wale and Adderley Street

    One of the most infamous places during time of Slavery. Built like a fortress to hold slave like a warehouse. This where they were bred to provide a bank of slaves for the Dutch East Indian Company

  • 11:00AM -12:00 AM

    8. Company Gardens

    Cape Town was built on the backs of slave labour. This garden provided fresh fruit and vegetables to passing ships, The Dutch made quite a penny and later became a prime trading company.

  • 12:00PM -12:30 PM

    9. Slave Bell

    This is a symbol that slaves were here. With the ringing of the bell slaves were called to order and attention. From morning to sun down the bell call kept the slaves in their place.

  • 12:30. End off Tour with reflections, questions and answers.

    End off Tour with reflections, questions and answers.

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